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      Sample, Sample has been Raleigh’s earliest and most unique chine restaurant. Our food has been and still is served with freshness and nutritious ingredients. The flavoring of our food is different among the other Chinese restaurants in town. You can only find our delicious tasting General Taos Chicken, Chicken wings, and Crab Rangoon etc. in you r restaurant. Despite the fact, our rich tasting food and friendly service has brought in many new and return customers.
      For our customer’s health, we have advanced in nutrition levels by adding our “whole grain brown rice” to the menu. We have also changed some structure of our food for the fitness of our customers. Although the structure has changed, the beauty of our flavor stays the same.
Beef and Soup
      The beef we use in our restaurant is high quality beef. The quality of our beef is higher than most Chinese restaurants. The soup we use is made from chicken bones, which takes up about four to five hours to boil. The flavor is amazingly delicious and provides great care for your skin. The price of $1.65 is extremely low for soup like this. The recipe is a homemade secret. You can’t find good soup like this anywhere!
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